Friday, August 9, 2013

Eight Bengalis in Forbes India Celebrity 100 List for 2012

Forbes India recently released their Celebrity List for 2012 and Eight Bengalis made it to the final hundred. The list was created based on earnings during the full year and was headed by none other than Shahrukh Khan, the Bollywood icon and owner of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the Brand Ambassador for Bengal.

Bengalis made quite a huge presence with the likes of actor Bipasha Basu coming at #25 with Rs. 26.83 crores of earning and Shreya Ghoshal at #42 with Rs. 10.5 crores of total income. Cumulatively, four Actors, three Singers, one Sports-person made it to the list.

Obviously the figures below are not indicative of their total wealth, but only their incomes from one single year. Mithun Chakraborty who owns several businesses apart from being an Actor has made it to the list of Bengali Rich List based on his total wealth.

25Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu



Kajol Mukherjee

42Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal



84Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Chakraborty

44Leander Paes

Leander Paes



94Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy


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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ranking the Next 15 (36-50)

Thank you readers for keeping a track of this Blog, although I haven't had the time to keep this updated over the past few months. Here is the next 15 (36-50) most successful Bengali entrepreneurs.

36) Subhashish Chakraborty, Chairman of DTDC Couriers, runs one of India's largest Courier companies. DTDC was started in Bangalore in 1990 and after its more than two decades of existence, it has over 5,800 channel partners and 6,000 employees. Mr. Chakraborty is supported by his son and daughter in running his business, valued at over Rs. 700 crores (US$ 130 Million). The company recently acquired Dubai-based Eurostar Express.

Image: The logo of DTDC Couriers

37) Prasun Roy, Managing Director of Arambagh Hatcheries, which is the largest Poultry Company in Eastern India and has diversified into various fields such as retail, super-markets, agriculture, hatchery, animal feeds, marketing, horticultural products. Established in 1973, the 40-year old Company employs over 5,000 people and reported revenues of over Rs. 700 crores (US$ 130 Million) in 2012. 

Image: Birds at an Arambagh Hatcheries Unit

38) Saurav Ganguly and Family, Saurav is first known as the person for successfully leading the Indian Cricket Team and not business to make it to this list. Though his career prize money and endorsement earnings are estimated to top more than $60 Million (Third, behind MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar only), his Family led by his father, the Late Chandidas Ganguly is one of the richest in Kolkata, their net-worth valued at a conservative Rs. 700 crores (US$ 130 Million). His family still owns the printing business and Saurav has plans to setup three Wissen International Schools in Eastern India. His house in Kolkata is one of the most palatial, having 48 rooms and over 30 cars for the 50-member Joint Family!!

Image: Saurav Ganguly addressing a Press Conference

39) Dr. P.M. Chakrabarti, CEO of PMC Group, Inc. is arguably the richest and most successful Bengali entrepreneur in New Jersey. PMC Group is a global developer and manufacturer of performance chemicals and plastics. Dr. Chakrabarti was earlier the Chief Technical Officer of the Fortune 100 chemical powerhouse PPG Industries. The Group's turnover is valued at over Rs. 700 crores (US$ 130 Million).

Image: PMC Group's different business units

40) Dr. Ajoy Bose, Chairman and CEO of Atrenta Inc. is a highly successful Hi-Tech entrepreneur based in San Jose, CA, who also co-founded and sold Interra, Inc. He began his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J. and spent 12 years in a series of increasingly responsible positions ending as Department Head, Integrated Circuit Design Automation Department. From AT&T, he moved to Cadence Design Systems where he served as Vice President of Engineering. In this role, he managed and led the team that pioneered the Verilog simulation products. Prior to establishing Atrenta, Dr. Bose was founder and president of Software & Technologies Inc. and Interra Inc. During his tenure as Chairman and CEO of Interra, Dr. Bose incubated and spun out a number of successful ventures in EDA, Digital Video, and IT services. Dr. Bose net worth is calculated at over Rs. 650 crores (US$ 125 Million).

Image: Dr. Ajoy Bose

41) P. N. Manna, Chairman of MPS Group, has businesses running across Financial Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, FMCG products and Logistics. The businesses are cumulatively valued at Rs. 600 crores (US$ 115 Million).

Image: MPS Group's Corporate Website

42) KD Pal, Chairman of Aparna Group of Companies, along with his son Arpan Pal and son-in-law Vijay Singh, manufacture the hugely popular Bisk Farm range of biscuits in Kolkata. Having made huge in-roads into Southern and Western India now, including setting up new manufacturing facilities, they have also got into confectionery retail with Just Baked stores. The Family's businesses have revenues of over Rs. 500 crores (US$96 Million).

Image: An ad for Bisk Farm

43) Lokenath Bhattacharjee, Chairman of Shalimar Chemical Works Limited, is a leading FMCG brand from West Bengal. Founded in 1941, the flag-ship brand of Shalimar Coconut and Mustard Oil, and Spices. With about four manufacturing facilities across Eastern and Northern India, the Company has already made in-roads into UAE, Nepal, and some African countries and is planning to tap into the NRI population in North America. The Group has revenues of over Rs. 500 crores (US$96 Million).

Image: Indian actress Hema Malini in an advertisement for Shalimar Coconut Oil

44) Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder and Chairman of Mindtree, which is a mid-sized IT, Consulting and implementation Company. Mindtree was started in 1999 by 10 industry professionals from Cambridge Technology Partners, Lucent Technologies and Wipro, including Mr. Bagchi. The Company is listed on the BSE and NSE in India and reported revenues of US$ 437 Million in 2013. Mr. Bagchi's stake is valued at more than Rs. 500 crores (US$96 Million).

Image: Mindtree Campus in Bangalore, India

45) Manoranjan Roy, Chairman of Pincon India, has interests spanning FMCG products, IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor), Real Estate and Education. Established in 1978, the Group enjoys a valuation of over Rs. 400 crores (US$ 76 Million).

Image: Pincon's brand of super strong beer

46) Bikash Mukherjee, Managing Director of Auto Profiles Ltd., heads a large scale engineering company based in Jamshedpur having core competence in the manufacturing of sheet metal cab body skin panels, chassis frame parts & aggregates, as well as engine and axle pressed parts for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.  It has been in this business for over two decades and is now one of the leading press shops in the eastern part of India.The Group is a key supplier to major Indian auto manufacturers and has a turn-over of over Rs. 400 crores (US$ 76 Million).

Image: One of the Company's facilities in Jharkhand, India

47) Ramendu Chattopadhyay, Chairman of Tower Group, is a diversified industrial conglomerate with interests in medical solutions, leather, solar systems, FMCG, hospitality, automotive, real estate, media and electronics. The Group enjoys a combined valuation of over Rs. 400 crores (US$ 76 Million). 

Image: A banner for Tower Group's Medical Solutions business

48) Abhijit Datta, Chairman of Shelter Infra Projects Limited, is a recognized name in the construction field competent in managing mega-dimensional projects involving design and construction related to Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. His Group enjoys a valuation of over 
Rs. 300 crores (US$ 60 Million).

Image: The Group's recently launched real estate project in Kolkata, Anandhara

49) Arnab Basu, Chairman of Switz Foods-Kolkata Division, is an alumnus of Calcutta University and London Business School. He is a childhood friend of Taizoon Khorakiwala, who owns Switz Group worldwide and also Wockhardt and Akberallys. Since the late-1980s Mr. Basu has been running Switz Foods in Kolkata in a 51:49 Partnership. They operate over 150 retail outlets under the brand name "Monginis", with two factories in Kolkata and another three in Siliguri, Bhubaneshwar and Bangalore. Mr. Basu's stake is valued at over Rs. 300 crores (US$ 60 Million).

Image: A Monginis Cake

50) Dilip De, Chairman and Managing Director of RST India Pvt. Ltd., is a shipping magnate, industrialist and horticulturist based in Mumbai. He is married to Shobaa De, Author, Columnist and Leading Socialite and both of them together are worth over Rs. 300 crores (US$ 60 Million). They own a farm-house in Alibaug near Mumbai, and supply orchids to over 120 leading commercial locations across the city. Dilip is also the elder brother of Kolkata-based Real Estate Magnate Arjun De, Chairman of Bengal Multiple Group.

Image: Dilip and Shobaa De at their home in Mumbai

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Aditya Ghosh, CEO, IndiGo in Fortune "40 Under 40" World List

Aditya Ghosh, 37, has had an amazing time running IndiGo Airlines so far. Lawyer by qualification, Mr. Ghosh was hand-picked to run the Airline though he didn't have any operational experience. And this in an industry, where profit margins are wafer thin and high operational costs world-wide have brought numerous airlines to the brink of bankruptcy; case in point being Vijay Mallya owned Kingfisher Airlines. IndiGo has not only turned in a profit in excess of $1 Billion, but also is profitable and has one of the largest market-shares. They added 2,500 jobs last year.

Quoting Fortune' snippet on him, "The low-cost carrier, which has a little over $1 billion in revenue, recently started international flights and placed the largest order in commercial aviation history for 180 Airbus A320s, totaling $15.6 billion. Ghosh's secret to success? No frills, all the way. His office is small, with no receptionist and no marketing department. On business trips he stays in budget hotels with the rest of his staff."

Image: Aditya Ghosh, CEO, IndiGo

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Ranking the Next 10 (26-35)

My post might be coming after a long hiatus, but I have been busy. Very busy, actually. A dozen software deals have led to a lot of work and even now, continues to do so. Some of them are big, multi-billion dollar American brands, including a large Entertainment Company based in Los Angeles and a huge consumer electronics and software behemoth based in the Bay Area. 

During April-June, I was on a whirlwind business trip of US and made a brief stop-over in Dubai, on the way from India. Both the US and UAE are economic power-houses and the sheer entrepreneurship of its people is amazing. Its hardly surprising that both these regions welcome hard-working Indians in droves. In the US, I exhibited our software solutions at a few high-profile events and got an opportunity to meet customers and prospects. Cities like New York, Orlando, Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego became a familiar blur. At the fag end of my trip, one day after lunch at an Indian restaurant, my boss took me to see Steve Jobs' English-cottage style house on Waverley Street in Palo Alto. His wife Laurene Powell and kids still stay here and the house was undergoing renovation at that time. His familiar silver Mercedes was missing from the gateway and so was the man himself. This was a pilgrimage of sorts for me. And yes, I noticed a number of "apple" trees in the backyard. The Bay Area or "Silicon Valley" as it is known the world over is the innovation hub of the world and Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, SAP US, have their headquarters here. For Bengali movie buffs, the recently released "Aparajita Tumi" was shot here. Though I haven't got a chance to watch it yet.

Incidentally, my room-mate left his job with TCS in Bangalore and got a well-paying position at Wipro Analytics in Calcutta. Good news for him, since he can take care of his ailing mother and good news for Calcutta. A lot of companies are setting up operations in the city and jobs are coming back.

I have got a lot of good feedback the past few months. Please keep them coming..

26) Basudeb Bagchi, Chairman of Prayag Group runs a Company having interests in Real Estate, Hospitality, FMCG products, Manufacturing, Media, Aviation and a recently built Film City. The Film City built near Midnapore and inaugurated by its brand ambassador, Shahrukh Khan covers an area of 2,700 acres and cost an estimated Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 181 Million). The Group's overall worth is estimated at more than Rs. 1,500 crores (US$ 270 Million).

Image: SRK appearing in an advertisement for Prayag Film City

27) Mustak Hossain, Chairman of Pataka Group, is the largest "bidi" producer in India. Bidi is the cheaper alternative to cigarettes. The Company was founded in Aurangabad, West Bengal by Hossain's father Giasuddin Biswas and the bidi brand "502" has captured a huge market share ever since. The Group has diversified into other areas such as Food & Beverages, Textile and Healthcare and are about to complete their brand new corporate headquarters in Calcutta, Pataka House. The Company has a combined turnover exceeding Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 180 Million). For the uninitiated, "Pataka" is bengali for "flag".

Image: Pataka House in Calcutta

28) Apurba Saha, Chairman of Pailan Group, is renowned in Eastern India due to his business empire. With diversified interests in Education, FMCG, Healthcare, Real Estate, Tourism, Entertainment and Financial Services, the Company's centerpiece is the Bengal Pailan Park, built over 500 acres in the southern fringes of Calcutta. The Group is valued at more than Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 180 Million).

Image: A Pailan institution in Calcutta

29) Dr. Santosh Mukherjee, CEO of Santech Global, is a New Jesrsey-based Bengali entrepreneur with interests in Nanotechnology, Telecom, infrastructure, IT Services and Real Estate. He is developing the hi-tech residential complex, Rosedale NRI in Rajarhat, Calcutta, along with Shyamal Sarkar and real estate giant, Shrachi. Dr. Mukherjee has also successfully led Fortune 100 organizations, including AT&T's associate at New Jersey, USA as Senior VP and CTO. His experience includes working as VP-Tech/ CTO with several large organizations. His personal networth is estimated at more than Rs. 900 crores (US$ 163 Million).

Image: Rosedale NRI in Calcutta

30) Bikram Dasgupta, Chairman of Globsyn, runs three business schools (in Calcutta and Ahmedabad), HR training institutes, IT Services and Real Estate (Innoventures). Dasgupta was part of the founding group at HCL and was instrumental in its growth into a global software power-house. He was also one of the early investors in Calcutta's Salt Lake Sector V, developing the Infinity twin towers, back in the late-1990's. His recent venture, Globsyn Crystals is complete and houses a number of MNC firms. His networth is estimated to be more than Rs. 800 crores (US$ 145 Million).

Image: Globsyn Crystals, Salt Lake Sector V

31) Dey Family, owner of Sreeleathers, owns and operates more than 32 stores across 12 Indian states. The brand is well known for its premium leather products such as shoes, bags and accessories. The Company's flagship store is on Lindsay Street, Calcutta, which is the largest shoe store in India. The Group enjoys a valuation of more than Rs. 800 crores (US$ 145 Million).

Image: Sreeleathers flagship store on Lindsay Street, Calcutta

32) Arnab Gupta, CEO of Opera Solutions, which is the largest independent predictive analytics company in the world, providing Big Data Analytics as an ongoing service to blue-chip clients. Started in 2004, by a ten member team including Gupta and former MD, Peter Nag, the Company is headquartered in New Jersey and more than 700 employees work out of offices in New York, London, Paris, Boston, San Diego, Shanghai and New Delhi. Gupta's stake is valued at more than Rs. 750 crores (US$ 136 Million).

Image: Arnab Gupta (extreme left), CEO of Opera Solutions at an industry event

33) B. Ghose, Chairman of BGA Realtors, is a 20 year old Real Estate Company with operations in Calcutta and Jamshedpur. The Company has completed more than 50 real estate projects with a consolidated area exceeding 1.5 Million square feet. The Group's net worth is estimated at more than Rs. 715 crores (US$ 130 Million).

Image: A BGA Realtor's project in South Calcutta

34) Dey Family, owner of Dey's Medical, have been continuing a family tradition for over 60 years. Founded in 1941 by BN Dey, the Company now has four factories across West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. The Company manufactures a wide range of drugs and medical products and runs retail operations through its 20 stores across India. With a valuation of more than Rs. 715 crores (US$ 130 Million), the brand is popular in Eastern India.

Image: Dey's Medical factory in Calcutta

35) Amit Ganguly, Chairman of Ganguly Group, is one of the strongest real estate players in Calcutta since 2000. With more than 25 projects, either completed or close to completion, the Company already has more than 1,500 families as their customers. The Group's net worth is estimated at more than Rs. 700 crores (US$ 127 Million).

Image: A Ganguly Group project in Garia, Calcutta

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 26 Bengali Entrepreneurs

Ranking the most successful Bengali entrepreneurs is not an easy task, especially when you consider that most of the Companies they run are unlisted. However, with some market data available, its do-able. Once again, let us re-affirm the fact that the readers of the blog should not use the data on the Blog's articles for any investment decisions. We have surely missed out some names and the authors would appreciate any reader reaching out to us to apprise us of the same.

Next up: "Top Bengali Entrepreneurs 25-50"

1) Subrata Roy, Managing Worker and Chairman at Sahara India Pariwar is arguably the richest Bengali in the world now; and if reports are to be believed, even he doesn't know the true extent of his wealth! Conservative estimates value the Group at over Rs. 130,000 crores (US$ 26 Billion) spread over its interests in real estate, media, sports, tourism, film, healthcare and hospitality. Whether it is his charitable activities, fleet of private jets or hobnobbing with Bollywood celebrities, almost everything he does is reported widely in media. Even in the times of Mayawati he is one of the most powerful people in Uttar Pradesh. Recently, he paid the most ($370 Million) for the Pune IPL Team, bought a stake into Force India Formula One Team for $100 Million and lent $150 Million to troubled industrialist Vijay Mallya, Chairman of Kingfisher. The Group's pet project is titled 'Aamby Valley", located in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Image: the Golf Course at night, Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

2) Purnendu Chatterjee, Chairman of The Chatterjee Group (TCG), heads a private equity fund which has invested over $3.5 Billion in India alone, over the last 10 years. With global business interests ranging from Petrochemicals, Life Sciences, Information Technology, to Real Estate and Entertainment, this man has been a trail-blazer of sorts. An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and the University of California at Berkeley; he joined McKinsey in 1976, became a partner at 34 and at one time was mentored by none other than the Billionaire Investor George Soros. He is well known in India, for being the largest private share-holder of Haldia Petrochemicals, being a part of the team that bought global Petrochemicals giant, Basell in 2005 and being one of the Founders of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Image: Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, co-founded by Purnendu Chatterjee

3) Sunil Kanti Roy, Chairman of the Peerless Group, is probably the wealthiest resident Bengali today. He heads the Rs. 13,000 crores (US$ 2.8 Billion) Group having diversified interests in Finance and Investments, Hospitals, Real Estate, Hotels, Travel and Senior Care. Roy received the 'Padma Shri" in 2009.

Image: The Group's Axis Mall in Rajarhat, Calcutta

4) Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri, Chairman of KPC Group, might be based out of Bay Area, California, but has huge investments in West Bengal and the rest of India. His businesses enjoy a combined valuation of more than Rs. 8,300 crores (US$ 1.6 Billion), and is spread across Healthcare, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Biofuels and Alternative Energy, ITeS, Education, eal Estate and Travel. He is considered to be one of the foremost Orthopedic surgeons in the world.

Image: KPC Group logo

5) Amar Gopal Bose, Founder and Chairman of Bose Corporation is valued at more than $1.1 Billion according to the Forbes Billionaire List 2011. A brilliant Electric and Acoustic Engineer, Mr. Bose was born to an Indian freedom fighter who escaped to the US to escape prosecution by the British. The Company operates 5 plants, 200 retail stores and an automotive subsidiary in Stow, Massachusetts. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 1950s and as a token of gratitude donated a majority of the Company in the form of non-voting shares to his Alma Mater to sustain and advance MIT’s education and research mission. His son, Vanu Bose, runs Vanu, Inc. Chances are if you are reading this while listening to music on your headphones aboard British Airways, hearing the evening prayers at Mecca, or enjoying Zubin Mehta's performance at the Colosseum in Rome, you have got to thank Mr. Bose for it!

Image: Bose Corporation HQ in Framingham, Massachusetts

6) Prasoon Mukherjee, Chairman of Universal Success Enterprises Limited, is based out of Singapore, but has made huge investments into India over the past decade or so. With interests spanning across Ports, Power, Tourism, Hospitality, Townships and Industrial Parks, Chief Ministers of states, from Guajarat to West Bengal have rolled out the red carpet for him. His Group is valued at more than Rs. 5,000 crores (US$ 1 Billion), and his pet project is the Kolkata West International City, a 377-acre township being developed in Howrah, India. Recently he has setup a motorcycle manufacturing plant with TVS in Eastern India.

Image: The Main Gate at the KWIC, Howrah, India

7) Bicky Chakraborty, Founder and Chairman of Elite Hotels, Sweden, enjoys two sobriquets, "the Richest Indian in Sweden" and "Sweden's Biggest Hotelier". Not surprisingly, his 22 super-luxury Hotels, across the country welcomes the best of Swedish and International society. He also owns more than 40 English Pubs in Sweden and the Westbank Hospital in Howrah, India. He is building another 275-bed Hospital in Calcutta, increasing his Healthcare portfolio. His personal networth is estimated at more than Rs. 3,000 crores (US$ 600 Million).

Image: Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza, Stockholm, Sweden

8) Aveek Sarkar, Chairman of ABP Group, owns two newspapers, nine magazines including Fortune India, four TV channels (ABP News, ABP Majha, ABP Ananda and Sananda TV), two publishing houses including Penguin India and a Mobile and an Internet company. With a personal net worth of more than Rs. 2,500 crores (US$ 500 Million), his private art collection is sometimes the discussion of Calcutta's coffee-house addas. Both his son, Aritra Sarkar and daughter, Chiki Sarkar have fledgling careers in ABP Group and Penguin India respectively.

Image: Aveek Sarkar presenting the Anandalok Award to Aishwariya Rai in 2011

9) Bijon Nag, Chairman of IFB Industries, has diversified interests running across Home Appliances, Engineering, Automotive and Agro. Two of his divisions are listed on the BSE while two are not and his businesses enjoy a combined valuation of Rs. 2,000 crores (US$400 Million).

Image: IFB HQ, Calcutta

10) Kaustav Ray, Chairman of RP Group, has businesses spanning IT, Media, Agro Foods, Ceramics and Sports. With a cumulative value of Rs. 2,000 crores (US$400 Million), the Group's flagship Company "RP Infosystems" produces the "Chirag" brand of computers, the third largest computer brand in India according to DataQuest. In addition, he sponsors two soccer Clubs, located in West Bengal and Kerala respectively.

Image: A hoarding for Chirag Computers in Calcutta

11) Satya Prasad Roy Burman, Chairman of the Khadims Group, is a heavy-weight in the Indian leather industry. Apart from their own leather manufacturing facilities located in Eastern India, the Company has almost 700 retail stores (including 256 in West Bengal alone) across the length and breadth of the country. Recently, the Company has forayed into Jewellery, Departmental Stores and Restaurants and these businesses are cumulatively valued at over Rs. 2,000 crores (US$400 Million).

Image: A print ad for Khadims shoes

12) Gautam Kundu, Chairman of Rose Valley Group, has diversified interests into Real Estate, Insurance, Hospitality, Apparel, ITeS and Media and Entertainment. The Group valued at more than Rs. 2,000 crores (US$400 Million) owns and operates the ultra-luxury the Chrome (Calcutta), the Orbit (Siliguri) and the Marigold (Goa). Overall, the Group owns 22 Hotels, 5 resorts, 2 Amusement Parks, 2 publications and 4 TV Channels, including the current hot favourite, "Rupashi Bangla".

Image: Chrome Hotel, Calcutta

13) Sudeep Dutta, Chairman of Ess Dee Aluminium, enjoys a listing on the BSE and is valued at more than Rs. 1,800 crores (US$ 350 Million) and is one of the biggest players in the Aluminium Packaging Business. He acquired India Foils in 2008 and got the International VC Sequoia Capital to pick up a 7% stake in the company. He started in 1991 with only 12 employees.

Image: Sudeep Dutta

14) Sagnik Roy, Partner at Txyco Ltd and Yongtong Group, is often called as "China's son-in-law" for being the most powerful foreign businessman in China. Born in Durgapur, India, he heads TXYCO Ltd., a Rs. 1,500 crores (US$ 300 Million) conglomerate.

Image: Iron Ore supply for one of Txyco's plants in China

15) Asim Ghosh, CEO of Husky Energy, is probably the first non-Promoter CEO on this list. Before taking over as the CEO of Husky Energy in Canada, Mr. Ghosh was the MD and CEO of Hutchison Essar Ltd., from 1998-2009.  During his tenure, the Company grew from a one-city operation to become the country’s second-largest mobile phone provider, with more than 63 million subscribers.In 2007, he presided over the sale of Hutchison Whampoa’s stake in the company to Vodafone in a deal that valued the business at approximately $19 billion. At the time, the sale was the biggest corporate takeover in India's history and, according to a Thomson Reuters analysis, the largest all-cash transaction in Asia up to 2007, with Vodafone agreeing to pay $11.1 billion in cash for Hutchison Whampoa’s stake. His net worth is estimated at Rs. 1,500 crores (US$ 300 Million).

Image: Asim Ghosh addressing Husky Energy shareholders

16) Pritish Nandy, Chairman of Pritish Nandy Communications, was founded by him in September 1993. The Group, collectively valued at more than Rs. 1,500 crores ($300 Million) was one of the first in the Media and Entertainment industry in India to go in for a public listing on the BSE and NSE. Currently, they are into Films, Television Content, Commercials, Events, Wellness and Theme Places.

Image: "Kaante", produced under the PNC Banner

17) Santanu Ghosh, Chairman of Xenitis Group, has interests in IT Hardware manufacturing, Training, Telecommunications, Motorcycles, Media and a recently launched brand of cycles. The Group is valued at more than Rs. 1,250 crores ($250 Million) and went to the market with an IPO in 2007. Ghosh was nominated for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award by Ernst & Young in 2006.

Image: Indian FM Pranab Mukherjee with Global Automobiles' bike

18) Shanta Ghosh, Chairman of DCPLGroup, valued at more than Rs. 1,250 crores (US$ 250 Million). Founded by Sadhan Dutt, the Group has diversified interests into Engineering and Architecture Consultancy, Civil Construction, Real Estate, Chemicals Manufacturing and IT-BPO services.

Image: DCPL House, Salt Lake, Calcutta

19) Dr. Prannoy Roy, Managing Director of NDTV, was born to an Indian father and Irish/ English mother in Calcutta in 1949. After completing his PhD from the Delhi School of Economics, he founded NDTV in 1988 and quickly cemented its position as the numero uno television news channel in India. Currently he runs five channels in India, and two abroad. NDTV has nurtured the finest Indian TV journalists such as Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chanda, Pankaj Pachauri and Vishnu Som. NDTV is also credited with running social campaigns such as "Greenathon", "Save Our Tiger", etc. His Company is valued at more than Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million).

Image: Dr. Roy at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos, Switzerland

20) Sumit Mazumder, Chairman of Tractors India Limited, has taken the mantle over from his father, A. Mazumder, who has run the business for over six decades. TIL competes with the big guys in India, such as L&T, by building heavy machinery for construction and excavation at their plant located in Calcutta, the only of its kind in India. They are also the sole dealer for the products of American giant, Caterpillar in Eastern India and Bhutan. His businesses are valued at more than Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million).

Image: TIL Pavilion at the Excon India Trade Show, 2009

21) Arindam Chaudhuri, Chairman of IIPM, runs a Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million) business with his father, Prof. Malay Chaudhuri. With 18 B-Schools across India, four Magazines and a Film Production Company, IIPM is considered to be a heavy-weight in the education sector in India.

Image: Arindam Chaudhuri with his Bentley

22) Tapas Chakraborti, Chairman of DQ Entertainment, is listed on the BSE, and enjoys a market-cap of around Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million). The Company is into Film Production, Animation, Gaming and Licensing and Distribution. With an employee base of close to 4,000, the Company is spread across Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Manila, Ireland, Paris, Los Angeles and Japan.

Image: Tapas Chakraborti on a CNBC interview

23) Gautam & Satyam Roy Choudhury, Chairman of Techno India Group, heads the Education conglomerate valued at more than Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million). The group runs more than 31 colleges across Eastern, Northern and Western India and counts more than 1 lakh student as its alumni.

Image: Techno India Campus, Calcutta

24) Anjan Chatterjee, Chairman of Speciality Restaurants and Situations Advertising. The latter, which is not even a non-core business for him clocked revenues of Rs. 100 crores in 2010. The former, which has given him the title of "Restaurant King" in India has seen him setting-up close to 100 restaurants across the country, under seven different brands: Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Sigree, Haka, Flame & Grill, Shack and Machaan. His businesses are cumulatively valued at Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million).

Image: Inside a Mainland China restaurant

25) AK Chandra, Group Director of PC Chandra Group, manages one of the biggest conglomerates in Eastern India. They have interests in Jewellery, Chemicals, Plastics, Rubber, Hospitality, ITeS and Real Estate and are valued at more than Rs. 1,000 crores (US$ 200 Million). With almost 30 jewellery retail stores spread across eastern, Northern and Southern India, the division is counted as one of the biggest Jewellery brands in the country.

Image: The Senator Hotel, Calcutta

26) Shankar Sen, Chairman of Senco Gold, owns and operates 30 jewellery showrooms across Eastern and Western India and also exports jewellery to New York, Chicago, Singapore, Washington, Birmingham, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and London. Senco Impex is also into wholesale trading in the domestic markets. The Company enjoys a valuation of Rs. 800 crores (US$ 160 Million).

Image: Bengali movie actors wearing Senco Jewellery products

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